Parn Klangnok

Parn Klangnok

Artist Biography:

Parn Klangnok

Somnuek (Parn) Klangnok is a new generation Thai artist with a great sense of passion and creativity. Born in 1978 in Burriram province Thailand, the eldest son from a rice farming family, Parn’s inspirations derive from nature and the old folk way of Thai life. Parn currently resides in Bangkok where he gains tremendous inspiration from the city’s vibrant surrounds. Parn’s fusion of rural and city life manifests through works that often feature hybrid characters set amidst surreal scenic backdrops.

The simplistic beauty of Parn’s intellectively brilliant works emulates the success of Japanese artist Yoshihiro Nara, whose angry girl is always cynical about the world – but Parn’s girl is always light hearted and brings a positive multi-dimensional imaginatively alluring identity which contemporary collectors identify to the pure essence of Parn’s work in parallel to their own dreams and aspirations for contemporary life.

An extract from Parn’s mission statement illuminates:

“My Prince and princess and animals are from the other planet. This planet is not far from the earth, but you’ll never have seen it before coz it is in my imagination. I work from the idea that everybody used to be prince or princess in their pure young ages (or they are still thinking). you can see yourself  inside those paintings even that princess has the bigger eyes. And in my thought, animals have the feelings and emotions. they are the closest friends of human. Or I think sometimes they are ‘Human’ too. so welcome to the imaginary universe.I hope you can see a tiny humor in them and feel a pinch of happiness I added into the colors I painted.”

Parn Klangnok has great vision in his work and a quiet strength in the uniquely harmonious compositions which touch the zen of humanity through the subjects painted in his contemporary commentaries which continue to delight, enlighten and attract modern collectors internationally.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 40 x 50cm & 55 x 65cm

Princess TassaniyaPrincess Tassaniya, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 40 x 50cm

Princess KristinePrincess Kristine, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 40 x 50cm

Marrah BoissonMartha Boison, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 25 x 30cm unframed, 37 x 42cm framed

Princess Fiona TinifluerPrincess Fiona Tinifluer, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 40 x 50cm, 56 x 66cm

Foresta Wolf-KangForesta Wolf-Kang, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 100 x 120cm unframed, 124 x 144cm framed

Koko BertyKoko Berty, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 50 x 70cm unframed, 73 x 93cm framed

Julietagamma AgeJulietagamma Age, acrylic on canvas, unique, signed, 40 x 50cm unframed, 60 x 70cm framed

Golden Girl BrigittaGolden Girl Brigitta, acrylic on canvas, goldleafed, unique, signed, 20 x 25cm unframed, 37 x 41cm framed

Diana & Paul
Diana & Paul, water color on paper, unique, signed, 38 x 58cm, 46 x 65cm